The human eye
The human eye

Reasons why human eye Do not Grow,

human eyes is the part of the Sense organs of the Body,

              DID YOU KNOW?
    The human eyes balls never grow,
They Remain the same size as of birth but other parts of the body grows rapidly.
— It  is the part of the body that contribute /plays very important role in the existence of human and living.
It forms part of the human SENSE ORGANS, as they include :eyes, nose,Tongue ,skin and ears.
  Amazing facts about the eye
It is a sense organ but unlike every other parts of the body,
The eyes never grow or increase in size.
It remains the same size as of birth till death.
And it is the only part of the body that has this Amazing characteristic.WHY THE EYE DON’T GROW

The human eye
Below are the reason why the human eyes don’t grow.
Fact: growth in human is the rapidly increase in size.
In human growth occurs due to breakdown or split of parent cell to form two daughter cell. 
There fore when ever this process take place in the body, growth take place.
The amazing fact about the eyes that  cause it not to grow is because.
*The photocell in the human eyes do not divide or split to form daughter cell, so there fore it cannot grow due to this unique characteristic.
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