The Causes of Frequent urinating.

What causes frequent urinating

Urine is an excrete form the body that is regulated and produced by the human organ known as kidneys in their process of cleaning the blood.
Component of urine:
Urine contains water and some dissolved waste that is not needed  by the body which may toxify the body if it is not got rid of.

The human kidney produces urine constantly  and send it to the urethra bladder and the it is been excreted out of the body.
The human body is composed  of 60% of water.
So it is proper that you urinate regularly.
But there are some specific  causes of frequent urinating.
Then it is been excreted  and passed off through urine.
So the alcohol in the body can only be excreted  by urine or sweats so alcohol causes frequent urinating.

1:Too much intake of water

Too much water


Water is essential for healthy living,
But when there is too much composition of water in the human system, the kidney will regulate more urine and the individual will excrete frequently .
So the more the intake of water the more the urinating.

2: portion if alcohol.

Portion of alcohol

Alcohol is a fermented  grain or fruit, it also contain ethanol or some other sources of sugar.
Due to the sugar content of alcohol.
A portion of alcohol in the body mixed up with fluid  in the body such as blood .
Then the alcohol is been regulated by the cleaning actions of the kidney.

3:Anxiety,tension and worries. 

Anxiety, tension and worries
Anxiety and tension are also the cause of frequent urinating.
Research made it known that someone under tension has more heart beat .
And it is known that more heart beat  causes the Adrenaline to rise and
The rise of adrenaline  causes the kidney to regulate  and produce urine faster so causing any one under tension or worries to urinate frequently.

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