The Harmful Effect Of Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks
Glasses of Alcoholic drinks

The Harmful effects of Alcoholic Drinks, 


Alcohol poison is a hard health and life threatening emergency.
Alcohol is the mixture  of chemical  called  ethanol with someone  fermented
Legumes like gunie  corns and Millet ,
They are been mix in a proportion  were by ethanol  acid will
Be in larger quantity  to fermented  product
Which in term  has the ability to control  the activity  of someone  under
It’s influence.

When alcohol is been consumed by  individual  ,  it is firstly
Been sent to the brain
there the  mixture of ethanol  acid then Circulate in the brain
Causing  the individual to loose  the sense  of normalcy
Which can lead to disorder  in the sense.
And it can cause individual to do all sorts of  misdeeds
When you  are under the control.

Note: A little  amount of  alcohol is required by the  body System.

Below are symptoms of alcohol poison

— High sugar levels
— Seizures
— Confusion & stupor
— Irregular & slow breathing
— Low body temperature
 Its easy to get off these symptoms as a price of PARTYING HARD
but if you see someone vomiting several times or passed out after drinking much much,
There is a risk of severe dehydration or brain damage called 911


— Drink responsibly.
— Eat fat fortified meal before drinking , because fat help the alcohol to be absorbed
Faster by the body system.
— Eat  kidney empowerment diet
To help your body get rid of alcohol by producing A concentrated urine.

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