Factors that Causes Damage to the lungs.

Factors that Causes Damage to the lungs.



Lung is also A very important Organ of the Body as it aids in Respiration and its Required to be cared for in order to prevent Respiratory infection.

These Three process or Biotic factors causes Damage to the lung

1.Carpet interior


Lungs damage


Carpet as a Room interior, can damage the lung,

As the chemical used to make and install carpet is dangerous to the lungs.
Toxic gases,cockroach dropping can enter the air when you vaccum the carpet or walk on it,

You are advised to use throw rugs


2, pesticides and insecticide 



Chemical used to keep bugs away from our farm and homes can be dangerous and causes damage to the lungs when you breathe it in, affecting the lungs, skin Hormones,
Asthma and cord can be contacted by this chemicals,

its advice to use apron, googles and masks to protect the body, when working on farm


3, Cockroach


The poop and bits turn to dust which settle on our floor, bed and furniture and when Breathed in it stirre up by activities like vaccuming,

It causes allergies and breathing problems

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